In order to take advantage of the ridiculous share market prices a minimum amount of  60000 USD is required.

What are you getting for the 60000 USD ?

A portfolio of about 8 businesses and effective exposure to over 60000 USD worth of offshore property. I cannot effectively construct a portfolio with less than 60000 USD - I hope you will see this is an extraordinary opportunity and invest a lot more !!

Annual average dividends of at least 5% pa before tax (in hard currency) or 3000 USD a year before tax .

MASSIVE CAPITAL GAIN POTENTIAL - with property write ups !!

Why am I getting more effective property exposure than  60000 USD ?

Because you are effectively borrowing money overseas via the balance sheets of these companies. Unlike buying a single house for investment you don't have to arrange the mortgage and make sure you have a tenant. Interest rates and the availability of finance often make this hard to do locally. Often you have to subsidize the rental income every month. Our offshore investments provide a passive net rental income after borrowing costs.

The greater effective property exposure you have, the greater your return on investment when the properties go up over the long term.

Who can invest into the GLOBAL CPI concept ?

Anybody anywhere in the world can take advantage of this opportunity to lock in good income streams and future capital gains. 


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